Easton Block Watch Association is led by the following volunteers

who live within the City of Easton, Pennsylvania.

2019 Executive Board
President: Melody Rogers president@eastonblockwatch.org
Vice President: Joshua Rea vp@eastonblockwatch.org
Secretary:   secretary@eastonblockwatch.org
Treasurer:   treasurer@eastonblockwatch.org
2019 Sector Coordinators
Sector One: Melody Rogers SouthSide@EastonBlockWatch.org
  Currently Open
Sector Two: Nancy Mangino
  Kira Pearce
Sector Three: Currently Open Downtown@EastonBlockWatch.org
  Currently Open
Sector Four North: Tim Poff WestWard@EastonBlockWatch.org
  Tracy Rapoli
Sector Four South: Joe Oliff
  Frank Graziano
Sector Five: Maryann Dwyer CollegeHill@EastonBlockWatch.org
  Bob Coe
Easton Police Department : Block Watch Liaison
Lt. Robert Weber 610-250-6660 rweber@easton-pa.gov
Sgt. Dan Bonham " " " dbonham@easton-pa.gov
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